Current Projects

Through discussions and a community needs survey, we have decided to focus on the following areas:

  • Supporting Mother-to-Mother group leaders to establish greater community support.
  • Providing a Baby Care tent at the Ulster County Fair for parents and their children to get out of the sun, change diapers, and feed their babies. We are grateful to our sponsors WMC Health, Binnewater Water, New Baby New Paltz and ShopRite.
  • Subsidizing Certified Lactation Counselor training course through Healthy Children for Ulster County residents. We try to provide scholarships each year to train new Lactation Counselors!
  • Providing education for pregnant women and their partners, particularly teens, to increase breastfeeding initiation.

Other potential projects that we have identified include creating and identifying safe spaces in the community for breastfeeding and offer fun fundraising events.   We will continually be in the process of evaluating the community and the county’s needs, and will adjust programming as is needed.