Breastfeeding Laws – Public and in the Work Place

New York has a number of laws supporting a woman’s right to breastfeed – some of the best in the country!

Your rights as a breastfeeding New Yorker include:

  • The right to breastfeed your child in any public or private location where you have a right to be. You cannot be told to leave,  or move to a bathroom, private room or basement (NY CLS Civil Right 79-e)
  • You cannot be charged with indecent exposure for breastfeeding (NY Penal Law 245.01 et seq.)
  • Your employers must provide reasonable unpaid break time or allow you to use  your paid break time or meal time to pump breastmilk.
  • Your employer must make reasonable efforts to find you a suitable room for pumping – one that IS NOT a restroom.
  • Your employer cannot discriminate against you for pumping at work.  (NY Labor Law 206-c

New York state also has created the Breastfeeding Mother’s Bill of Rights, which states the rights that breastfeeding women have before, during, and after delivery of their baby.

For more information on your rights as a breastfeeding woman check out The NY Civil Liberties Union page on it.

To learn more about your rights as a nursing woman returning to work, the NY State Labor Department has put together this handout.