Breastfeeding News: Niger, Nursing Strikes, and a Shrine in Japan

Once again, Nicholas Kristof highlights really important maternal health issues, this time looking at breastfeeding in Niger and other parts of the world affected by poverty.

When we think of global poverty, we sometimes assume that the challenges are so vast that any solutions must be extraordinarily complex and expensive. Well, some are. But almost nothing would do as much to fight starvation around the world as the ultimate low-tech solution: exclusive breast-feeding for the first six months of life. That’s the strong recommendation of the World Health Organization.

From Slate Magazine: Julie Rottenberg spends most of her time nursing her daughter thinking about weaning, until a nursing strike makes her realize how much she misses the connection.

And from a travel blog – a shrine in Japan devoted to breasts – which gained popularity among women interested in producing more breastmilk to feed their children.