This Week in Breastfeeding News….Maternity Leave, Male Lactation and BabyNes

  • I’m pretty sure this is a no-brainer to most in the business, but now it’s been published, so that’s one more way to prove it! – A study in Pediatrics shows that one way to increase breastfeeding rates is to have longer Maternity leave! (Go figure, right?) Unfortunately, we live in one of three countries without a national law on paid maternity leave – so we’ve got a long way to go!
  • A male journalist over at Slate gets curious about breastfeeding, and whether or not he’d be able to breastfeed an infant, and tries to lactate – a humourous read, with a good ending, and an interesting history of cis-gendered male lactation.
  • A new study from Britain shows that infants that are fed on demand (as opposed to being fed on a schedule, or coaxed into eating with games) often have lower weight status at toddlers.  Breastfeeding promotion in the last few years has stressed feeding on demand, or on cue – rather than on a schedule.
  • This article from the Beacon News looks at the barriers to breastfeeding – and what  it takes to over come them – including breastfeeding support groups.  For Breastfeeding support in Ulster County check out our website!
  • And, finally, just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder than professional male breast masseurs – Nestle has introduced a new contraption, BabyNes, along the lines of the individual coffee makers like Keurig!  Heralded as the “world’s first comprehensive nutrition system” – a statement which is laughable in its fallacy – this system “brews”, for lack of a better word, an individual cup of formula for babies over the age of 6 months.  The brewing system is currently only available in Switzerland – and costs about $275 for the brewing machine,  which doesn’t include the cost of the formula (about $56 for a pack fo 24 single-use containers). Needless to say, it’s caused a lot of controversy. A whole lot.