Breastfeeding News: Georgia’s new laws and Refugee moms

Georgia, Georgia, Georgia…Not a friendly place to be at the moment for nursing women!!

First, a school district banned breastfeeding anywhere on it’s premises – after a nursing teacher asked that her baby be able to be brought to school during her breaks so that she can nurse.  Also, just in case you were curious – Georgia has the EIGHTH highest population of teen moms IN THE COUNTRY. So now these teens will also not be able to nurse their children at school.  And, finally, just in case you were curious – Georgia state law says that anywhere a woman is allowed to be with her child, she is allowed to breastfeed (one assumes that this would also mean public schools, but apparently not?), which brings us to our second Georgia related article.

A town in Georgia has banned breastfeeding in public of children over the age of two.  Their reasoning is – get this – to control public nudity.  I mean, really? Because all of the nursing mothers that I know really really love to just strip down in public and bare all.  Also – since when are local laws able to usurp state laws?  I really hope there’s a nurse-in, or a nudist colony that moves in.

On to happier news, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is working to  empower refugee women in the US through birth-companion programs.  Their pilot program, which works with Johns Hopkins University nursing students, brings together refugees from Burma who are pregnant for health education and support.  It’s a way to create community and reestablish bonds that are broken by resettlement.