Breastfeeding News: Tina Fey, Milk Banks, and hireability

Tina Fey has a new book out called “Bossypants” and a recent interview in GQ– and in it she talks about her pumping and breastfeeding woes, which inspired a few blogs to offer advice on how to make those pumping sessions a little bit easier.  Having celebrities talk about breastfeeding – and having it make such a splash – is always exciting.

The Need for Mother’s Milk Rising from San Antonio, Texas looks at the impact that Milk Banks have on infants, as well as personal experiences with informal milk sharing..  This point is particularly striking:

 “While mother’s milk that has been pasteurized and frozen is good for up to a year, the demand is so great, most banks today have barely a one-week cushion.”

The need for new donors has been mentioned many times by the Human Milk Bank Association of North America.

A new study out from Montana State University looked at perceptions of breastfeeding women – and found that people tend to think of breastfeeding women as less competent in math and work than other groups (including mothers who are not breastfeeding, women and men), and were less “hireable” than their non-breastfeeding counterparts.  What’s particularly curious is that other studies have shown that the more educated a mother is, the more likely she is to breastfeed.  The study’s researcher, Jessi Smith, believes that “It’s possible women who breastfeed are viewed as less competent because observers see the women as object, as is sometimes the case when women are sexualised” [sic].