Breastfeeding News: Dolls,Cows and the FDA

There are a few breastfeeding related news stories that have sprung up in the last week:

As you may have seen – a Spanish Company has come out with a doll that breastfeeds! Named Babe Gloton (Breastfeeding Baby for American markets).  The Doll is meant to be educational – to help children learn about breastfeeding.  I think it’s a great idea – most children’s dolls come with bottles to for feeding the baby, so this seems like a perfect way to normalize breastfeeding! Controversy has abounded – most of the critics saying that it’s too young of an age to introduce kids to the idea of breastfeeding (as if, when they were infants they didn’t already understand the use of breasts?) Blogger “Fine and Fair” over on BlogHer presents an interesting critique – on the way that our use of dolls engenders ideals of motherhood and childcare on girls starting at a young age.

According to reports – China has engineered cows to produce milk that is closer to human breastmilk in that it will include some of the same “healthy proteins.”  Mind you, humans still make it best.

Finally, the Food and Drug Administration will begin to take a look at the marketing used for  infant formula, the health claims that formula companies make, and how it affects purchasing decisions.  It’s a huge first step!  As Kimberly Seals Allers over at Women’s E-news says, “When your No. 1 competition [breast milk] is free, and you can’t compete on price, you have to be creative. Really creative. And even misleading.”


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