Breast milk Ice Cream…redux

Well. The Icecreamists in London sure have sparked a good deal of controversy! A few of the articles raise some pretty interesting points, while some of it is just flat-out wrong and looking to incite some misguided fear of breastfeeding.

Let’s start with the information that’s down-right wrong.  Fox News, based on information from an AP wire published over the last few days, posted this piece about the Ice Cream being confiscated for fear of  Hepatitis.  I would just like to state – because there is commonly a lot of misinformation here – according to the American Academy of Pediatrics the following ARE NOT contradictions for breastfeeding : Hep B, Hep C and moms that have a fever.  In other words – if you, as a mother, have Hep B or Hep C, you CAN breastfeed your child.  Also – for as weird as breast milk ice cream may be: this ice cream was pasteurized, just as our milk is.  Essentially, news articles like this seem as if their sole goal is to create fear among the general population regarding breastfeeding.

On to some of the more interesting posts regarding Breastmilk Ice Cream:

From the Daily Freeman (The Hudson Valley’s very own):  For the sake of Journalism, Jeff Edelstein, tastes his wife’s breast milk (unbeknownst to her) and  comments on ” the profound weirdness of “milk,” as a whole.”

From The Guardian, Sarah Ditum asks: “Why is Breast milk ice-cream repulsive?” – which leads her to look at factory and dairy farms as a whole.

And – my personal favorite – from The Village Voice Blog: Five Reasons why Manufacturing Human Breast Milk Cheese is Disgusting. The entire article is really fascinating – particularly his last point:

5. Women are not farm animals. Human-breast-milk cheese casts them in that role. There is nothing “ethical” about milking humans. What woman would consent to being milked for the culinary pleasure of others, unless strapped for cash? The natural result of this happening on a large scale is the exploitation of poor mothers, who will be tempted to sell milk and feed their babies formula.

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