This week: Breastfeeding, Returning to Work, and Civil Rights

Two really good articles that speak to some of the finer points of Civil Rights and Breastfeeding:

From Diane R. Pagen at City Limits “Breastfeeding is a Must…For moms who can afford it“.  I particularly like her point : “Let’s realize that the rights of all mothers to breastfeed (whether by staying out of the paid market entirely or by being able to feed or pump at work) hinge on the right of poor women to do so: When the lowest-income women are forced to accept any job no matter how few benefits it has, the class above them will have less power to negotiate benefits for themselves.”

And from the ACLU’s blog, Gail Sherwin of “Women’s Rights Project” bring this post: Restoring Dignity on the Job to Breastfeeding Mothers – a good review of where we stand in the US in terms of rights of moms returning to work to pump – and the uphill battle we have to see that federal laws actually protect nursing women.

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